lil bit of shit im feelin

man sometime i look at stuff like this and i get so many ideas as to what kinda designs ttribe called fresh should be making...t.c.f we on are way dont stress it...good things come to those who wait!!

just what i was waiting for...mins the strap

damn this is just what i have been waiting for...bred 1's its blows me that they put a fuckin strap on thwm to..oh well at lease u can take the strap off and rock em OG.. so all my jordan heads look out
The release date is November 22nd, ticket price is $110


quote 2#

make money,save money,live life !!!


quote #1

YO...iits ya mans g.king of t.c.f and i wanted to kinda do something new on the blog and that is the quote of the day..u never prosper untill u hear positive things.

"You get what you put your energy and focus on, whether wanted or unwanted
big up's to THE HUNDREDS!!>>>>>

10.22.2008 air penny 2's

got damn just when i thought i was gonna wait for the black pennys to hit stores..sho'nuff i will mos def be copin these thanks to these will release soon..
new swag era..09-t.c.f


T.C.F the clock is tickin...

yo whats good it ya man g.king of da tribe. like i told u guys a couple post ago we are tryina make it thru senior year class of 09. and forreal we only have a about 7months left untill tcf starts making major moves and we are still all kinda undecided about what where we wanna be placed as far as where we wanna start gettin noticed. we have about 4 places we can go NEW YORK,MIAMI,PHILLY,CHICAGO....its kinda a blower because we all wanna go to different places. lls i find that kinda funny.. but we gonna have to come to some kinda conclusion about whats really good..umm as far as tcf goes..we are still t.c.f and will always be t.c.f!! um yeah i just had to post a blog about whats good with t.c.f..and for all yalll who dont knw tribe called fresh were starting a clothing line a hopefully gonna end up with an accont with NIKE/jordan brand depending on what we wanna do.. shout out to the whole spit ball radio camp/octobers own drake and atf/swag team ent/Z/LU/O.H/SB/SLICK...



Nike’s Dunk High “Nylon Pack” immediately puts vintage on the brain. The pack was inspired by nylon Vandal’s, and the nylon dressing looks great on the Dunk Hi’s


spot light on the ladies for a minute:

What's going onnnn. It's been a while since I've been on this. I apologize for that, I'm ashamed. But on some real shit, let's get into the female aspect of this whole sha-bang!

I feel like this game, this genre of fashion, this fresh shit, it goes both ways! Ladies is pimps too, ladies is fresh too. Don't be mistaken. I met a female on the streets of Chevy Chase the other day and I was very impressed with her attire. It wasn't only her attire that caught my eye but also the swag that she had about her. It's not entirely about the clothes you have on your back, and the sneaks you're rockin' on your feet...but rather the confidence you carry yourself with and the way you are. Anyways, on a more materialistic note, ladies should check out the following stores/labels, but mind you some shoe/skate shops don't have a wide range of shoes for ladies, but feel free to check out the kids sizes if you have small feet :)

*Click on the available links to check out the goods...

- Stussy
- The Hundreds
- Major (1426 Wisconsin Ave NW)
Sports Zone
Urban Outfitters
- Social Study (the one in Fredrick is better...but that's just my opinion)
- TokiDoki which is a branch of LeSportSac (one of my favs.)
Harujuku Lovers (another good one)
(And of course keep it classy with...)
- Chanel
- D&G
- Guess
- Juicy Couture
- So on and so forthhh .

There were a few shops that are too exclusive to reveal, but what has been listed are the premium, the
But yo, hype beasts are not don't get too excited with all of this...
Check it out though and express yourself through your own'll know when you wear it.

*Olivia (First Lady of T.C.F)


....hip hop

took the American Music Awards about 10 years to recognize Hip Hop, with the first "Best Rap/Hip-Hop" award going to DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince in 1989 for "Parents Just Don't Understand." Naturally, things have changed over the nearly two decades since then, and various Hip Hop influenced artists dominate this year's list of nominees.


gotta shw love....WALE doin his thing..DVM STAND UP

10-17-2008 16:00 at Howard Homecoming w/ UCB
, WASHINGTON, Washington DC 20002
Cost: take ya ass down their and see...its def gonna be money worth!! lls


dam...fav since bmp's

damn.....aftet the bmp package i didnt get any of the 1's but i must get these
big up's to tsg.....


one of my favorite doc..ever!!

ok joey crack!!......whips big up's!!

What do you use to clean your sneakers? Well, today we present a new sneaker cleaning product that has been Fat Joe approved. Swift Kick sneaker wipes is the name, and it’s the perfect cleaner for sneakers & boots. It cleans leather, suede, nubuck, rubber, and vinyl. The packages are resealable and 14 sneaker wipes come in each pack.

Fat Joe recently sent out boxes to his close sneaker friends, and TSG will soon give our readers a shot at winning this new cleaner. Check with your local stores for more info because Swift Kick is coming to a store near you soon.

big up's to my number one spot for all sneaker news!!



yooooo... whats good it me g.king of t.c.f!!! its been a while since we posted something on o man.. we got alot of things goin on right now..currently the whole t.c.f camp is tryina make it thru SENIOR YEAR CLASS OF 2009!!! big up.. t.c.f is still working on are clothing and other promotions as well.. u should be seeing t.c.f real soon!! hopefully!! but yeah nothing else i just wanted to make a new post for all the followers of t.c.f we still doin are thing..

wish us luck CLASS OF 2009!!