Clearing my mind...

Long time no write, -no sign-in, -no appreciate? Well let's see, I'm not exactly sure where or how I should start this off. I've got a few topics I'd like to address. Let's try it numerically:

1) I did peep the Lou-y V's courtesy of Kanye. Price check please? Lol, but if the price is right and my money isn't tight I will be all over them. At least the grey pair.

2) Perhaps the fellas should read this here number two. What ever happened to the beauty of manliness? What ever happened to the women wearing the nail polish and tight-fitted clothing? I live in Montgomery County of Maryland and I have been extremely shocked by the changes made by young African Americans (and other races as well). Nose piercings, skinny jeans, painted nails, and suddenly some sort of interest into the genre that once claimed not-so-much recognition from the African American culture than it deserved, are all things that now can be associated with some of the "hip" niggas of MoCo. I find it funny what society and trends can do to a person. Is it just me, or does a black guy in skinny jeans with piercings and a band tee shirt reading
Circa Survive - a band of which they've never even heard of - just seem a bit...awkward? Yes, I will admit that me bashing on what society has done to the full-of-potential young men that our generation consists of can go both ways. And - possibly - society has affected my perception of what a man should look like or how he should dress. But what I don't understand is what has happened to the pride of being a MAN? If my father raised me while wearing nail polish and skinny jeans I would more than likely take him as a joke. What I want to know is what exactly makes these guys think that their appearance and bandwagon-hopping is acceptable? Coming from a female - I find a man attractive when he is strong and protective and - well - not wearing the same color on his nails that I had on last week. I'd also prefer a MAN not to buy their jeans from the same "Juniors" department that I buy mine. Maybe I've been missing or I fell off the face of the planet - but last time I checked, femininity does NOT equal manliness. So has suddenly everyone turned gay? I think not. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER FELLAS - You all know who you are that I'm talking about. None of it's cute. Anyone telling you that it is probably needs to hop their asses off the wagon as well? I blame all of this sillyness on Lil' Wayne (Especially considering the new "Rock" album that Wayne has come up with. Can you say WHACK.) Where has their sanity gone?

3) Number two was a good segue to my topic for number three...the other day I was in Sports Zone talking to the manager and my friend made a comment about how when she has kids she is gonna make her kids fresh. The manager of SZ overheard my friend's comment and started babbling about how it isn't about being fresh, it's about blahzay-blahzay. At first my reaction was: "Ass...she just made a simple comment," but then after putting more thought into his argument I began seeing things through his point of view. I remember when I first started collecting sneakers back in 9th grade. An ex boyfriend of mine had introduced me to the scene, exposing me to Laney 5s, De Las, Pennies, Foamposites, the whole 9 yards. I had always been into fashion, but my introduction to this world of "Freshness" hadn't come to me on any materialistic level - I had learned to appreciate the stitching in the sneaker and the laces that kept the ill sneaks on my feet. I learned that it wasn't easy and these shoes weren't shoes you could go to the mall to find. Most will say that my style is different and when I first was introduced to this scene I was quite proud to be called fresh, proud to be familiar with kicks that most average cats knew nothing about, knew nowhere to find them, and had no idea about fresh. My style has changed and is still changing as the years go on. Certain concrete things, such as sneakers, watches and cute sweaters, have always been apart of my style/wardrobe but I don't go out of my way for it. Style, to me, comes naturally. Most of my most cherished items are actually from thrift stores or hand-me-downs! But ever since '07-'08, I had been noticing more and more people claiming they were "fresh". Fresh...becauseee they had on a pair of "dunks" or fake De Las that they bought off of ebay? MySpace pages were decorated with "FRESH ALL DAY" exclamations and pictures of Nikes that they found on a Google Images Search. I was also disappointed when Posites were dropped in everyday retail stores such as Foot Locker and Champs. I guess I just miss the days when being fresh was rare/underground; when being fresh was looked at as an art, and when being fresh not only consisted of the clothes a nigga had on his back and the kicks that covered his feet, but rather a freshness consisting of the ill beats of Pete Rock or Souls of Mischief bumping froma dude's stereo system, or the lyrics and melodies he may produce in his mind, or eventhe long dreads he may have hanging from the top of his dome. I miss the days when the population of Hypebeasts was a lot smaller.

All too rare to find now-a-days...

Finally, 4) Luis - member of TCF is having a birthdayyyyyyyyyy on the 14th of this month! How exciting - getting old big man. I'll be right there with you - all of TCF will be with you, popping bottles and celebrating your 19th! (Or for gov't work should I say 21st?) Have a good year Luismooooo! :)

(Sorry it's so long. It's been a while. I had to clear my mind.) -Olivia of TCF

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